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South Australia’s Greens Party has recently proposed a $6.1 billion plan to invest in Australia’s electric vehicle industry and to re-invigorate vehicle manufacturing in Australia if it were to win in the upcoming federal elections.

The party’s plan includes providing rebates of up to $15,000 as well as additional “ultra-low-cost” financing to increase EV uptake. This is some of the most generous proposed rebates

Greens also aim to establish $1.2 billion fund that will be used to support the local production of EVs and to into the rich supply of raw materials in Australia.

South Australia, in particular, is the former hub of Australian vehicle manufacturing and once hosted factories like Holden and Mitsubishi.

“In a few years’ time, the whole country could be driving SA-made electric cars,” leader Adam Bandt said ahead of the Greens’ campaign launch in Adelaide.

“We’ll cut pollution, create jobs and be energy independent if we restart [South Australia]’s car industry and make it electric,” Mr. Bandt added.

The party is also looking at legislating tough emissions standards as part of their goals to drive down emissions and to stop the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030.