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Consulting group Connector has announced this week the addition of four new experts and partners to their business in Australia and New Zealand. APAC Director Shane Curran says the move comes after a rapid increase in activity after the launch of the CMaaS product in June.

“CMaaS is an integrated mobility offering for corporate fleets,” says Curran, “and for many corporates it’s offering a hassle free way to use mobility offerings and improve utilisation in a structured way.”

COVID-19 Led Expansion

Curran says that the disruption caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic has actually driven much of the expansion. “The current crisis has caused a lot of fleets to re-examine their mobility options and even to expand their interest to area like commuting or shared office management. This is an area where CMaaS is especially strong and the ‘out-of-the-box’ nature means that it is particularly suited for rapid change in a time of crisis”

Four new team members

The group has added four new team members, accredited as both experts and partners. Curran explains, “Accreditation as Connector experts mean that they are qualified to provide advisory services in their field, whereas accreditation as partner gives them the opportunity to market and resell Connector product, so it’s a two-step process.”

Curran says that after the product launch was covered by AfMA, queries stepped up rapidly. “We’ve always maintained a close relationship with AfMA, and we see AfMA as a great representative for industry. All our experts have completed the AfMA supplier accreditation and we feel that this adds a lot of credibility.”

AfMA's Individual Accredited Supplier Membership

An AfMA Accredited Supplier Member is an individual working for a supplier of products and or services to organisations who own or manage a fleet of vehicles. You can join by paying an on-going annual membership fee and successfully completing the required online learning pathway.

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Introducing the team

Some of the new team are industry stalwarts, with Deb Bacon and Paul Oliver both being long term members and participants. Both are Sydney based, with Deb carrying a long history of fleet experience through some of Australia’s biggest manufacturer brands, while Paul has provided innovation management at some of the largest FMOs.

Sarah Hanrahan is based in Canberra and has a strong understanding of the needs of government fleets as goes with the territory, while across the Tasman Peter Adams becomes the first New Zealander to be part of the Connector team.

Connector’s newly accredited experts, from left to right: Sarah Hanrahan, Paul Oliver, Deb Bacon and Peter Adams.

Expanding the Reach

Curran says that Connector plans to continue to expand in the region but will be moving in a more measured way after this initial round. “We’d like to find a good fit in Melbourne and for the next few months that would probably be enough for us.”

Connector is already represented across Europe, the Americas and Africa and the expansion across Australia and New Zealand is part of a broader plan for Asia.

For more information, visit the Connector website at or email [email protected]