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One hundred electric vehicles will be available from 10 different hubs around Christchurch, as part of a new car sharing scheme for the rebuilding city.

The new service, which is believed to be the largest combustion engine transition in the Southern Hemisphere, will see a reduction in emissions and provide a more efficient use of vehicles for both businesses and residents.

A vehicle-sharing scheme will allow users to pick up and drop off cars at designated locations, similar to bicycle-sharing schemes. New Zealand fleet management company Yoogo, was selected by the Christchurch City Council to handle the implementation of the service.

“An electric car sharing scheme is an exciting initiative for our city,” Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel said.

“The fleet will deliver improved environmental and health outcomes and we are proud to be the first city in New Zealand, and one of the few cities internationally, that has an electric car sharing service.”

Models available within the scheme will include the Hyundai Ioniq and BMWi3s, with the first 70 vehicles available in 3 locations by late November, with 30 additional cars to follow in February 2018 for ten locations in total.

Yoogo’s General Manager Kirsten Corson says the initiative will provide an accessible and affordable infrastructure model that others city would be able to follow.

“The pure electric car-sharing platform is a smart and sustainable way to get around town for businesses and everyday Kiwis,” Ms Corson said.

“Yoogo will deliver an experience that is easy, enjoyable and affordable. Cantabrians will pay for the time they use the car and Yoogo takes care of everything else. Users can simply book online and access vehicles via the Yoogo app or swipe card.”

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