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There are many large, medium and small telematics vendors in Australia and New Zealand that can provide telematics solutions for specific industry sectors and businesses.

With so many telematics vendors to choose from, it is important not to gravitate to the easiest answer – simply picking the lowest-cost product. Cheapest is not always the best because it may restrict the long-term viability and growth of your business.

A quick and easy way to work through your next steps is to identify what the market has to offer and determine which vendor can meet your current and future needs. This can be done using a free telematics vendor checklist such as the following that has been developed by Smartrak.

This checklist is broken down into four categories:

  1. Company Profile (Is this a mature company with a robust platform, experience and references?)
  2. Fleet & Asset Management (Does the vendor solution cater for the recommended specifications?)
  3. Lone Worker and Fleet Safety (Does it protect workers in/out of vehicles?)
  4. System, Security, Integration and Support (Is the data stored in your country, and is the data secure and protected?)

These key categories should help you compare vendors to quickly determine who can meet your requirements.

You can download the full checklist at the following link