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Fleet software company says increased data activity ‘enables’ better results, encouraging Aussie growth

Chevin Fleet Solutions has reported increased utilisation of its FleetWave asset management systems and ‘database view’ functionality.

The improving numbers on use of fleet management software FleetWave shows operations are taking increasing advantage of the ability to identify risks such as vehicle accidents, under-utilisation and further drive/vehicle profiling.

Chevin’s FleetWave system allows businesses to rope together their collected fleet data to draw tangible results and information to enhance chevinofficesignreporting. Fleet operators are able to interpret vehicle use in more compelling ways and identify trends, risks and any opportunity to improve operations or policy.

“FleetWave can now integrate into almost any third part application including telematics systems, training programs, accounting systems, driver licence databases and fuel systems,” Ken Goldberg, GM Chevin Fleet Solutions, said.

Being able to produce meaningful reports that incorporate all pieces of the puzzle, Mr Goldberg says, can make life easier for fleet managers.

“When these integrations are combined with FleetWave’s database views functionality, it offers a huge benefit to clients by enabling them to securely pull in information from both internal and external sources and quickly present the information in easy-to-read reports that can support decisions and improvement strategies,” he explained.advanced-fleet-profiling

While FleetWave is available in Chevin’s Australian network, not all of these new third-party integrations with North America are, in a bid to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. However, speaking specifically to AFMA Mr Goldberg, also a Queensland AFMA Committee member, said never say never.

“It’s not out of the question; it is the question,” he said emphatically. “Talking to clients here in Australia about keyless entry systems has seen those strategies implemented and FleetWave could certainly create synergies between component companies and the like here. We’re asking ourselves, ‘How can we do it here?'” he said.

“We’re already integrating KMAT Tyre & Auto servicing information with our products so there’s plenty of cross-pollination happening in this kmart_tyre_and_autospace, and as we enter the ‘Big Data’ age we’re leveraging that scenario to help customers eliminate mistakes, fill the gaps and tighten the belt.”

Chevin Fleet Solutions is a global supplier of fleet management software used in over 180 countries. Overseeing the management of over one million sets of wheels through offices in the UK, US, France, Blegium and Australia, they even have a presence in Germany, providing to the public and local governments, utility and corporate sectors and non-government organisations – all of varying sizes and capacities.