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The battery electric BYD Seal has received a 5-star safety rating from Australasia’s leading authority on vehicle safety, ANCAP Safety.

In ANCAP’s destructive crash tests, the BYD SEAL, categorised as a Medium Car, exhibited exemplary results. It earned full points for protecting the driver and child passengers in the side impact test, a testament to its robust structural integrity. Additionally, the driver’s protection in the oblique pole test received full marks, highlighting the vehicle’s ability to safeguard its most vulnerable occupant.

The vehicle also impressed with its protection of the driver’s chest and lower legs in the frontal offset (MPDB) test. Furthermore, the rear passenger’s chest protection in the full-width test was deemed “Adequate.” This performance underscores the BYD SEAL’s comprehensive approach to passenger safety, with a focus on minimising injury in a variety of collision scenarios.

The BYD SEAL’s safety extends beyond its structural strength. It has been equipped with a center airbag, a feature designed to mitigate head contact between front seat occupants or with the intruding side of the vehicle in side impact crashes. This added safety measure underscores the manufacturer’s dedication to reducing the risk of injury in real-world situations.

Moreover, the BYD SEAL, like its sibling model, the BYD DOLPHIN, met the new 2023 criteria for active collision avoidance. This involves testing the vehicle’s ability to detect a cyclist passing from the rear and to warn or prevent vehicle occupants from inadvertently opening their door into the cyclist’s path. Both models come equipped with an anti-dooring system that emits an audible warning, enhancing the safety of cyclists and pedestrians sharing the road with these vehicles.

Another innovative aspect of ANCAP testing introduced in 2023 is the assessment of vehicle access when submerged in water. In this test, the BYD SEAL passed with flying colors, demonstrating that its doors would remain functional for a minimum of two minutes after the vehicle loses power. This feature is a testament to the vehicle’s resilience and focus on occupant safety, even in challenging situations.

Carla Hoorweg, ANCAP’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed her satisfaction with the performance of the BYD SEAL and the other models tested in 2023. She emphasised the growing emphasis on structural protection and advanced safety systems in the automotive industry. With a commitment to further testing and assessment of new models later in the year, this trend toward enhanced safety in vehicles is expected to continue.

A full list of the BYD Seal’s safety features can be found here.

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