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AfMA was delighted to be invited to our first in-person Melbourne gathering for 2021 at Bucher Municipal’s Clayton headquarters earlier this week. The manufacturer was delighted to be sharing it’s all new CityCat V20e, compact sweeper & UrBin 11e, rear loader – which would be suitable for most local council fleets that were looking to start their EV journey.

Attendees were taken for a test ride in the CityCat V20e and appreciated the noticeably quiet operation of the model, while learning about its impressive 8 hour battery life. The rear loader also provided impressive features – namely its variety of available body sizes from 6m³ to 24m³ and also its intelligent hydraulic systems.

Below are some details on the new models and some snapshots from the day.

CityCat V20e – compact sweeper

Bucher Municipal’s new all-electric sweeper provides improved suction, enhanced connectivity, increased comfort and ever-important sustainability based on many years of experience in the development of compact sweepers. Useable around the clock, the second-generation electric powered sweeper with 2.1 t payload and 4.8 t gross weight, delivers an outstanding load capacity for outstanding sweep performance while being respectful to its surroundings.

Key features:
  • Articulated steering
  • 50 km/h top speed
  • 2.1 t payload
  • 2 m³ hopper volume
  • 2700 mm sweeping width
  • 425 l water volume
  • 63 kWh automotive Li-ion battery
  • PM2.5/10 4-star certified

UrBin 11e – rear loader

The UrBin Rear Loader is ideal for use in a range of applications, from light duty litter collection in parks and gardens, to heavy duty commercial, industrial and hard waste collection. UrBin, which stands for Universal Rear Loading Bin Lifter, is available in a variety of body sizes, ranging from 6 m³  to 24m³ to suit a variety of 4×2 and 6×4 chassis configurations, including Electric Vehicles.

  • Available in a range of body sizes: 6m³, 8m³, 10m³, 11m³, 16m³, 18m³, 14m³, 20m³ & 24m³
  • Bin lifting capacity 600kg
  • Compaction density 400kg/m³, 480kg/m³, 500kg/m³
  • Compaction cycle time 13/16/22 seconds.
  • Hopper bowl capacity 0.75m³, 1.3m³ and 2.2m³
  • Bucher ‘On-Demand’ hydraulic system with load sensing