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BMW Group Australia today announced the next allocation of vehicles recalled according to the Recall Initiation Schedule.

BMW is calling for owners of the below listed vehicles to visit to determine if their vehicle is affected. Owners of affected vehicles will also be contacted directly by BMW.

Due to global part supply constraints BMW will be staggering this recall based on the build year of the vehicle.

Recall Initiation Date

Make and Model

   Model Year

1 December 2018

BMW 1 Series (F20, F21)

   11/2013 to 2017

BMW 2 Series (F22, F23, F45, F46)

   2013 to 2017

8 January 2019

BMW 3 Series (F30, F31, F34)

   2012 to 2017

BMW 4 Series (F32, F33, F36)

   2013 to 2017

1 March 2019

BMW 5 Series (F07, F10, F11)

   7/2013 to 2017

BMW 6 Series (F06, F12, F13)

   7/2013 to 2017

1 May 2019

BMW X3, X4 (F25, F26)

   12/2015 to 2017

BMW X5, X6 (F15, F16)

   2013 to 2017

1 July 2019

BMW M2, M3, M4 (F80, F82, F83, F87)

   2014 to 2017

BMW M5 (F10)

   7/2013 to 2017

1 August 2019

BMW M6 (F06, F12, F13)

   2012 to 2017

BMW X5 M, X6 M (F85, F86)

   2014 to 2017

BMW takes all safety recalls very seriously.  Customer safety in BMW products continues to be of paramount importance and it remains BMW’s objective to have all vehicles subject to any recall rectified as soon as possible.  BMW continues to monitor and consider the latest information and scientific knowledge in this area.

Affected Takata airbag inflators could kill or seriously injure vehicle occupants if deployed.  Customers are advised to contact their preferred authorised BMW dealer or BMW Australia immediately to book the free rectification.

If the replacement will take longer than 24 hours consumers can request alternative transport, which may include a loan or hire car or funding of other reasonable transportation (e.g. cab charge). Consumers are urged to contact BMW via the Takata Hotline on 1800 243 675 should their details change.

In the event that a customer identifies a vehicle as being subject to the recall but the vehicle is no longer in their possession (i.e. it has been sold, transferred or is otherwise being driven by a person residing at a different address) these customers are encouraged to provide BMW with the contact details of this person by contacting BMW via the Takata Hotline on 1800 243 675 or at

To report any concerns regarding the recall please contact BMW’s Takata Taskforce via [email protected] or the ACCC at