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The recently introduced BMW 5 Series in Australia and New Zealand has achieved a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. This safety rating applies to all variants including the electric i5.

When assessed against ANCAP’s 2023-2025 criteria, the BMW 5 Series shone with its impressive performance in various physical crash tests. The vehicle also excelled in protecting vulnerable road users.

The vehicle includes a standard indirect Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and ensures that if the car loses battery power while submerged in water, all windows and doors stay functional for at least two minutes, allowing occupants to exit safely.

Overall, the vehicle scored 89% for Adult Occupant Protection, 87% for Child Occupant Protection, 86% for Vulnerable Road User Protection, and 81% for Safety Assist.

Standard Safety Features

The BMW 5 Series comes equipped with a range of standard safety features that provide comprehensive protection for occupants while prioritising the safety of all road users. This includes dual frontal, side chest-protecting, and side head-protecting airbags, along with a centre airbag that offers enhanced protection for front seat occupants during side impact crashes.

It also has a suite of active safety technologies. Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) for various scenarios such as Car-to-Car, Vulnerable Road User, Junction, Crossing, and Head-On situations ensures swift collision avoidance.

Additionally, it has a lane support system incorporating lane keep assist (LKA), lane departure warning (LDW), emergency lane keeping (ELK), and an advanced speed assistance system (SAS).

A comprehensive safety report for the BMW 5 Series can be found here.

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