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Safety-conscious Volvo submits intentions to build Australia’s next-gen law enforcement vehicles.


VOLVO CAR Australia has submitted to an Australia New Zealand Police Advisory Agency program to have its cars considered as replacements for future police vehicle duties when local car manufacturing comes to a close in 2017. Tuning arm Polestar is touted to outfit vehicles with the required performance attributes.

Greg Bosnich, director corporate and PR at Volvo Car Australia, says its ANZPAA offerings could accommodate all needs of Australia’s police forces.
“The main stay of our range would be represented by S60, V60 and XC60,” he said. “Depending on the police agencies requirements, we see Polestar as a perfect vehicle to be partnered with such demands.”
Volvo provides police vehicles in Sweden and Britain, where its XC70 SUV serves in snow, country and cities like Stockholm and London. Bosnich says Volvo police cars in Australia would not be compromised by removing options.
“We have a track record with runs on the board in Europe. We’re excited at the opportunity, but we’ll be making sure our brand cornerstones of safety, technology and innovation are not removed from police cars.”

Mercedes-Benz Australia’s David McCarthy, corporate communications manager, told Fairfax it too has offered vehicles, “but we’re not interested in taking options out of cars. Because then you have an AMG with full equipment on the road, and one without…that’s going to affect resale value.”ANZPAA works with Australian police forces to improve performance and strategy, requiring three kinds of vehicle: highway patrol cars, prisoner transportation and general duties.The Korean-made Holden Cruze was adopted recently for general duties. Audi, BMW and Chrysler have also made submissions.

ANZPAA’s program aims to challenge how Australian police cars should evolve. With fleets replaced every three years by a third, the next-gen police car to roll up in your rear-view could be Swedish.