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$11.7 billion has been committed for major road projects, upgrades, and maintenance across Western Australia over the next four years.

Road safety is a continuous discussion as lives are still lost but increased investment to road infrastructure aims to reduce unsafe roads and ultimately the amount of lives taken, and injuries sustained due to crashes.

With several projects already beginning construction and others in planning, the state is set to see huge infrastructural upgrades increasing road safety and overall connectivity within Western Australia.

Some of the major projects funded that are under construction include:

  • $320 million for the Great Eastern Highway Bypass Interchanges, with works to commence later this year
  • $232 million for the Mitchell Freeway Extension (Hester Avenue to Romeo Road)
  • $259 million for the Armadale Road Bridge – North Lake Road Flyover
  • $852 million for the Bunbury Outer Ring Road

Some of the funded projects under procurement or in planning, include:

  • $49.8 million for the Causeway Cyclist and Pedestrian Bridge over the Swan River as part of the Perth City Deal
  • $230 million for the Swan River Crossings Project, to replace the outdated Fremantle Traffic Bridge
  • $225 million to prepare for the construction of grade separated interchanges on Reid Highway at Altone Road, Daviot Road and Drumpellier Drive
  • $110 million to prepare for the duplication of the Mandurah Estuary Bridge

Funding has been allocated for the following programs over 2021-22 and forward estimates:

  • $16 million for the Safer Roads and Bridges Program in Perth and Peel
  • $104 million for the Resealing Program in Perth and Peel

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