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The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) is procuring 3,390 electric buses to replace its aging fleet.

Deputy Transport Minister Manaporn Charoensri announced this groundbreaking initiative on Friday, highlighting the BMTA’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

The decision to replace the aging fleet with electric buses was approved at a recent BMTA board meeting. In alignment with the organisation’s environmental policy, the Board recognised the urgency of updating its vehicles to contribute positively to the metropolitan area’s ecological health.

The ambitious procurement project will unfold in three phases. The first phase involves the acquisition of 350 electric buses, followed by 1,520 buses in each of the subsequent phases.

Originally setting deadlines of 2023, 2024, and 2025 for the three phases, the project experienced delays due to the previous BMTA board completing its term in January last year.

Following the board’s approval, BMTA aims to sign the purchasing contract for the initial 350 EV buses by June or July. The delivery of these vehicles is anticipated by August or September this year. Financing for the new buses will be sourced from BMTA’s investment budget for the fiscal year 2024.

Deputy Transport Minister Manaporn Charoensri emphasised that the introduction of the new electric buses will be a gradual process, targeting the replacement of old buses, particularly those lacking air-conditioning systems.

In addition to the electrification plan, the board meeting on Friday greenlit several previously proposed projects. Notable among them are the BMTA GPS – Fleet Management System project and the initiative to transform Bang Khen and Minburi depots into commercial spaces.

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