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ANCAP has recently announced that it will include the underwater function of vehicles in its safety assessments beginning January 2023.

This new criterion will be an extension of the existing rescue protocols currently assessed by ANCAP. It highlights a vehicles accessibility following a crash, manufacturers need to prove that if a vehicle is submerged in water, the doors can be opened even without batter power and that electric windows can still operate for up to 10 minutes.

If side windows will not work under water, automakers need to provide a method to allow occupants to open or break the side window so they can exit the vehicle. This information, according to ANCAP, needs to be included in the owner’s manual.

“While it is important never to deliberately enter flood waters in your vehicle, recent flooding events have again reminded us that flooding can unexpectedly take a vehicle and its occupants,” said ANCAP CEO Carla Hoorweg.

These submergence countermeasures will be part of assessing Adult Occupant Protection.

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