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The car buying behaviours of Australians including the common traits of specific vehicle owners will soon be available to the Automotive industry, with the development of a robust data and insights offering powered by the most extensive datasets in the country.

Leading Australian data analytics company Greater Data has spent the past six months in building a platform called Green Light Powered by Greater Data which merges real-time automotive sales information with other data sets to deliver manufacturers and dealers effective and innovative business solutions based on robust, at scale data and insights.

The platform will deliver previously unknown details including the suburbs where specific brands are more likely to be purchased, what media platforms specific car owners are likely to be consuming and other behaviours that will influence car purchasing decisions.

“Traditionally, the automotive industry has been relatively data poor when compared to other sectors, like finance or FMCG who were quick to embrace the power that can be achieved from comprehensive data sets,” CEO and founder of Greater Data Georgie Brooke said.

“From some work, we did for an automotive client, we found they have been relying on sample surveys and assumptions to make decisions such as where their customers are and what influences and informs decisions.

“As we looked further under the hood of the industry, we found big decisions were being made based on instinct, which when combined with current retail pressures has in some cases resulted in once popular brands almost being relegated to the scrap-heap.

“We are set to turn this situation on its head by offering this data-poor industry a powerful new platform that will provide to the minute unique insights into purchasing behaviours and enable the industry to better identify and connect with their consumers.

“This is much needed for an industry that is expected to experience quite a bumpy road over the next few years, with the industry experiencing its most difficult trading conditions in almost a decade.”

The new data-rich platform is set to be launched into the market within the next month and will change the paradigm the way the industry identifies and connects with their consumers through powerful insights based on factual demographical and buyer-graphical data.

The Automotive product follows on from Greater Data’s other products and solutions across industries ranging from property development through to banking and finance including: