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Car manufacturers, through the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industry (FCAI), has renewed its call for stricter vehicle emission mandates following the Federal elections.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber has called on newly-elected Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to adopt the carbon dioxide emissions targets voluntarily set by car companies back in 2020 which was designed to measure emissions reductions of new vehicles in the next ten years.

These self-imposed CO2 emissions targets were adopted by FCAI in preparation for stricter emissions targets that the Federal Government is yet to mandate. In Europe and New Zealand, cost penalties are given to highly polluting vehicles including utes, vans, and 4-wheel drives while offering tax reduction to low and zero-emissions vehicles.

“The Australian public has made it clear that tackling climate change and reducing emissions is a primary concern.  As an industry we are ready to work with the new Federal Government to transition industry’s voluntary CO2 scheme to a federally mandated one,” said Mr. Weber.

The FCAI has noted that should government-mandated schemes be implemented soon, they should be “technology agnostic, realistic; and allow automotive manufacturers to bring efficient, low emission technologies to Australia across a broad range of engine options.”

“Our members are bringing low emission technologies to market that encompass internal combustion, hydrogen, hybrid and full battery electric systems.  All of these technologies will play a role in our short-medium term journey towards zero emissions and full electrification.”

Our message to government is simple. Give us the target; we will give you the technology.”

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