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Australian ports are facing delays which has resulted in automotive dealers in New Zealand being forced to wait for vehicles stuck in the back log.

Vehicle delivery delays have been caused as thousands of vehicles wait for quarantine clearance, checking for pests which can have devastating effects on Australia’s agricultural industry and ecosystem.

AutoTalk confirmed the delays in New Zealand were a result of the Australian port situation with Genuine Vehicle Group Director and General Manager, Hayden Johnston.

“As the last stop we are facing delays which started toward the end of last year and have worsened,” Johnston said.

Drive reported more than 60 000 new vehicles have been caught in the quarantine delays.

“At this rate, each quarantine cleaning team can only process about 350 new cars per week; Australians buy new motor vehicles at a rate of 21,000 cars per week,” Drive’s website reads.

“It means new-car buyers in Australia who have already been waiting six to 18 months for vehicles face further delays of six to eight weeks until the backlog is cleared.

“Record shipments of new motor vehicles – arriving in bigger batches than ever before – have overwhelmed most Australian ports over the past three months, which is peak season for pest detections.”

It is unclear when the situation is expected to be resolved so those in Australia and New Zealand will have to continue waiting for their new vehicles.

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