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2022 is a critical point for fleet operators, as many of them shift beyond the challenges they’ve been facing through the COVID-19 pandemic. While domestic and global issues are still having a significant impact on their operations, they now need to consider these in the context of higher levels of asset utilisation and future demand. This sits in stark contrast to the situation we saw two years ago, where assets were sitting idle, and the priority was creating a COVID-safe operating environment.

The 2022 ACA Research Fleet Insights Program explores how businesses are responding to these issues, providing insights into the needs of fleet operators, and helping suppliers of products and/or services to improve their offerings, therefore providing better outcomes for fleets and their organisations. Six key themes were identified in the research

  1. Fleets shift back to a focus on business improvement (i.e. prioritising cost reductions and efficiency)
  2. EV vehicles, infrastructure, and strategy are all coming (and fast), but hybrid is filling the gap for now
  3. FMOs still play a key role, with many businesses seeking strategic input to support their decision making
  4. Growth is a core focus as utilisation rates increase sharply, but this can create challenges around fleet standardisation
  5. Global supply shortages are a barrier, with fleets extending vehicle life or switching brands to try offset the impact
  6. In a low interest rate environment, a robust CX (low effort and solid process) is the key driver of lender satisfaction

AfMA and ACA Research have again partnered together to deliver this important program of work, which follows on from previous editions in 2018 and 2020. To find out more, join us for 1 hour at 12pm AEST on the 21st June 2022 for the ‘Launch of 2022 Corporate Fleet Insights Report’ webinar.

In this webinar, we’ll be talking about crucial insights into market behaviour, trends, and attitudes among business fleet decision-makers in 2022.The 2022 reports will also be available for purchase following the webinar. Click here to register for the webinar.

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