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A new report by the Climateworks Centre at Monash University recommends that Australia adopt a variety of strategies to cut transport emissions. The report stressed that relying solely on electric vehicles (EVs) isn’t enough.

The report called “Decarbonising Australia’s Transport Sector: Diverse Solutions for a Credible Emissions Reduction Plan” that to effectively reduce emissions, Australia needs to look beyond just electric vehicles.

Thinking Beyond Electric Vehicles

Helen Rowe, Climateworks Transport Programme Lead, stressed the need for a big change in how governments plan and fund transport projects.

“We need to rethink how we plan and fund transport projects to make cutting emissions a top priority,” Rowe said.

They Australia should consider a range of solutions to tackle transport emissions, which are now the third-largest and fastest-growing source of the country’s emissions.

Some key strategies proposed include encouraging the use of public transport, biking, and walking, and making freight deliveries more efficient. They also suggest cutting down on unnecessary travel and making essential trips shorter and more efficient and increasing the number of zero-emission vehicles and using lower carbon fuels.

“If we focus just on EVs, we’re vulnerable to supply issues and technological challenges,” lead Author Lily Rau explained.

Benefits of a Mixed Approach

Investing in a variety of solutions can help reduce emissions, improve transport efficiency, and make travel more convenient. This approach can also help reduce traffic congestion.

“Traffic is still traffic, no matter the vehicle you are in,” Rowe pointed out, emphasising that simply swapping out petrol cars for electric ones won’t solve congestion problems.

A diversified strategy also aligns with the goals of the Paris Agreement, aiming to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Australian government is currently developing national plans for various sectors, including Transport and Infrastructure. Climateworks recommends that the government adopt a range of solutions beyond just EVs. This approach ensures flexibility and resilience, avoiding the risks associated with a single focus.

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