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EVOS, a Brisbane-based startup, has recently launched the first Australian-made home EV charger.

Called the EVOS Fleet Home 22, this is an AC wallbox charger that can be installed with single- or three-phase connections.

It utilizes a patented “Energy Management Software” that chooses the ideal idle time for the charger to charge an EV. It can also control the rate, speed, and power of the charge delivered to the battery.

“To make the most of this convenience, people need to be able to charge at home at greater speed than that available from a standard home plug, and also manage when they recharge so that they keep their electricity bills as low as possible. Our charger and its software address those issues,” said EVOS CEO and co-founder, Marcelo Salgado.

According to EVOS, the wallbox is “easily installable and uninstalled, ensuring TCO is reduced as homeowners and fleet operators can easily uninstall and shift the charger to a new property or location should their parking situation change”.

The charger can be bought directly from EVOS and will soon be available via Ampol.

Meanwhile, strata companies can purchase the charger through LPE.

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