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ANCAP has recently announced that it will broaden its test and rating criteria beginning January 2023 and will add new and updated tests and assessments to its star rating system.

“Our 2023 requirements build upon our existing criteria to promote further vehicle safety improvements and address some of the ongoing challenges on our roads,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Carla Hoorweg.

New areas will be added to the expanded 2023 test and assessment criteria including the ability of a vehicle to avoid a crash with a motorcyclist, child presence detection, and vehicle submergence.

Furthermore, existing assessment areas will be enhanced including a heightened focus on vehicle-to-vehicle compatibility and an increased star rating threshold for Vulnerable road user protection. There will also be an expanded autonomous emergency braking test including night-time tests and child pedestrian avoidance when a vehicle is in reverse. In addition, direct driver monitoring systems will also be assessed.

“Vehicles, and the safety technologies within them, are continuing to evolve, and our test criteria are too,” Ms. Hoorweg added.

“Physical protection in a crash, and the ability to actively avoid a crash are both essential elements to achieve a high ANCAP safety rating, and this approach will continue from 2023.”

“ANCAP safety ratings are designed to ensure new car buyers and the road users they interact with are offered the safest vehicles and newest technologies. We encourage all vehicle purchasers to choose a vehicle with the highest ANCAP safety rating possible and the latest date stamp. It could save your life, or the lives of those closest to you,” said Ms. Hoorweg.

You can find more information about the updated safety assessment criteria by watching his video.

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