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Five stars for one of Australia’s most versatile fleet vehicles

Toyota Motor Corporation has been praised by ANCAP for finally making its long-standing ute, the 70 Series LandCruiser, a five-star

Following an array of destructive crash tests, the long-standing Australian workhorse has earned a five-star ANCAP rating following substantial re-design and
engineering work in collaboration with ANCAP.

“It is encouraging Toyota has responded to consumer demand, particularly from commercial and fleet buyers,” ANCAP CEO James Goodwin said.

“[Toyota] have implemented design changes and safety upgrades to improve the LandCruiser’s safety rating.”

The LC70 model LandCruiser was previously a three-star car according to ANCAP’s online vehicle rating tool. But extensive work at Toyota headquarters in Japan

2016 LC70 LandCruiser 5-star crash test

2016 LC70 LandCruiser 5-star crash test

incognito with ANCAP engineers has seen structural improvements that benefit occupant protection, the addition of head-protecting side curtain airbags, driver knee airbag, seatbelt pretensioners and revisions to bonnet and seat design.

“Safety is a key consideration for everyday consumers and corporations with a significant proportion of businesses requiring minimum five-star vehicle standards

for not only their own fleets, but also their contractors,” Mr Goodwin added.

“This competitive pressure has resulted in a two-star jump for the LandCruiser 70 and will have a tangible effect on the safety of worksites and more broadly

Australasia’s vehicle fleet,” he said.

The five-star rating only applies to the single-cab chassis LC70 variants. Troop Carrier and dual-cab variants remain untested.

BHP Billiton’s

Out with the old: Compare with the 3-star crash test from 2007

Out with the old: Compare with the 3-star crash test from 2007

2012 vehicle fleet policy required all fleet vehicles to be five-star ANCAP rated as of 2016 and with vehicle numbers in the tens of thousands, it’s not only a welcome piece of news for procurement, it’s a strong message for other fleet managers to adopt in their company policy, demanding five-star fleet vehicles.

The LC70 LandCruiser sold 35,45770 Series since 2012, over half to commercial or fleet, and 6,142 LC70 variants in 2016 year-to-date with 59 per cent sold to businesses alone. It’s now an even stronger 0ption for fleets that value and demand five-star safety.

How does your fleet rate? In the market? Don’t sign anything before visiting and making sure your fleet is five-star. See individual crash test results for more than 590 vehicles. Or you can watch the crashing spectacle on the ANCAP YouTube channel.