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The highly anticipated BYD DOLPHIN has been awarded a prestigious five-star safety rating from ANCAP SAFETY, Australasia’s independent authority on vehicle safety.

The battery-electric BYD Dolphin is one of the first vehicles to be evaluated under ANCAP’s rigorous 2023 criteria.

In ANCAP’s exacting crash tests, the BYD DOLPHIN, classified as a Small Car, demonstrated a strong commitment to passenger safety. It achieved a mix of “Good” and “Adequate” protection for adult occupants in various crash scenarios, showcasing its versatility and reliability in real-world conditions.

The DOLPHIN’s standout feature lies in its unwavering dedication to protecting its youngest passengers. The vehicle earned maximum points for safeguarding child occupants in both frontal and side impact tests, an essential feature for families and those traveling with children.

Like its sibling model, the BYD SEAL, the DOLPHIN is equipped with a center airbag. This safety feature is designed to minimize the risk of head contact between front seat occupants or with the intruding side of the vehicle in side impact crashes, further enhancing the vehicle’s safety credentials.

Furthermore, in line with the new 2023 safety criteria, the DOLPHIN excelled in active collision avoidance performance tests. These tests evaluate the vehicle’s ability to detect a cyclist passing from the rear and its capacity to warn or prevent occupants from opening their doors into the path of cyclists. Both the DOLPHIN and SEAL come equipped with an anti-dooring system, which emits an audible warning, underscoring their commitment to improving the safety of vulnerable road users.

The vehicle also successfully met the new challenge introduced by ANCAP in 2023 – the assessment of vehicle access when submerged in water. In this test, the DOLPHIN performed admirably, proving that its doors would remain functional for at least two minutes after a loss of vehicle power. This feature is a testament to the vehicle’s durability and its ability to protect occupants even in challenging circumstances.

Carla Hoorweg, ANCAP’s Chief Executive Officer, praised the remarkable safety achievements of the BYD DOLPHIN and the other models tested in 2023. She emphasized the growing emphasis on structural protection and advanced safety systems within the automotive industry.

A full list of the BYD Dolphin’s safety features can be found here.

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