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Fleet vehicles continue into the age of connectivity as telematics and data tracking services consistently provide businesses and organisations with the information to create safer, smarter, and more efficient fleets.

Driver and vehicle monitoring is giving fleet managers to opportunity to analyse aspects such as productivity, fuel consumption and driver safety.

This data can be used to coach drivers surrounding habits such as sudden braking and hard acceleration, which when reduced can lead to greater fuel efficiency for internal-combustion engines, or longer battery range for electric vehicles.

Geotab is a fleet telematics, tracking and management solutions-based organisation which collects a connected fleets data and in turn provides fleets with meaningful information, helping customers improve on efficiency, cost control, and safety.

“The industry is changing and shifting,” said Sherry Calkins, vice president of Connected Car and Platform Solutions for Geotab, Inc. “Most vehicles are connected today.”

Geotab recently announced it has streamlined the purchase process for U.S. government customers through the Geotab Integrated Solution for General Motors.

“Our joint solution will help government clients optimize fleets, track fuel consumption, enhance safety, achieve strong compliance, and improve productivity to make quicker, better-informed, and environmentally minded decisions,” said Geotab Vice President Connected Car & Platform Solutions, Sherry Calkins.

“We are proud to deepen our collaboration with Geotab by providing government fleets with an integrated, seamless connected vehicle solution,” said Ed Peper, Vice President, General Motors Fleet.

“At GM, we know our fleet customers want to take care of their drivers and vehicles while gaining valuable insights to help maximize their productivity. Through OnStar Business Solutions’ offering of connectivity services, driver management tools and connected vehicle data insights, government fleet managers can better protect their assets and more efficiently manage their operations.”

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