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AGL has announced it will be offering customers a whole new driving experience as AGL Next pilots an Electric Vehicle (EV) Subscription Service.

In partnership with car subscription service Carbar and EV charging supplier JET Charge, this will be the first time an EV subscription service with these features has been offered in Australia.

AGL Executive General Manager Future Business & Technology, John Chambers said we have created an innovative and flexible service to help our customers drive towards a cleaner future, without the commitment of owning a car.

“As a leader in Australia’s energy market AGL will use the best technologies to provide our customers with choice and flexibility and this EV subscription service not only allows that, but puts them ahead of the curve,” Mr Chambers said.

“The market for EVs in Australia is continuing to grow but we know many customers may still be reluctant to buy an EV outright due to price, concerns about technological change or access to charging facilities.

“AGL’s EV Subscription Service eliminates these concerns allowing customers to access the latest technology as it hits the market.

“It’s a convenient option, with the latest EV model delivered to the customer’s home and at-home charging facilities installed but with the flexibility to swap, upgrade or cancel the service at any time.

“We know customers are becoming more attuned with subscription services which provide all the benefits but none of the hassle – this is the Netflix of electric vehicles.”

As part of the AGL EV subscription service customers will have access to electric vehicles from a range of leading brands like Tesla, Jaguar, Hyundai and Nissan. The service will also include registration, insurance, tyres, repairs, roadside assistance and carbon neutral credits.

Mr Chambers said the market fundamentals supporting the uptake of EVs are strong.

“Over the next few years, more models will hit the market, prices will fall in line with petrol vehicles and fast charging facilities will allow even greater distances to be travelled.

“Here at AGL we recently became the first Australian signatory to EV100, committing to making our own corporate fleet entirely EV by 2030.

“These changes will transform how Australia drives and we anticipate that by 2030 half of all new cars sold could be electric.”

The AGL Electric Vehicle Subscription service begins from $299 per week with no lock-in contracts. During the pilot phases, the service is only available to eligible customers within 50 kilometres of Sydney or Melbourne but over time will be expanded and refined to ensure it meets the needs of more customers.

AGL’s customer-facing delivery team will practice COVID safe, contactless delivery of vehicles. Unfortunately, due to Government restrictions, orders for Victoria will be limited but customers will be put on a waitlist.

The EV Subscription Service will be delivered under AGL Next, an innovation initiative piloting new programs, technologies and partnerships across energy, telecommunications and beyond.