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The recently launched Real-World Testing Program has already completed testing on several vehicles, and the first tranche of results is expected to be released in September.   

AfMA is getting a front-row seat as the project – which is owned by the Federal Government and run by the Australian Automobile Association – builds momentum. 

As a key stakeholder in this important project, AfMA is a member of the program’s Stakeholder Advisory Group, alongside the Australian Government, the Australian Automotive Association, and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. 

AfMA and these other stakeholders receive updates directly from the AAA. They can gauge their members’ responses to the program, and they have an open channel to provide feedback and advice on the program’s priorities and operations. 

The AAA will also use this group to seek advice on opportunities to support stakeholder and leverage the program’s outcomes to support other initiatives.  

AfMA can also use its membership of this group to convey fleets’ suggestions – including vehicles for testing; whether the program could provide additional information; and possible future improvements to the program, including how electric vehicles could be assessed. 

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