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The ACT Government has launched their first SEA 100% electric tipper truck.

As part of their commitment to a zero emissions fleet by mid-2030 the ACT Government will use the electric truck for cleaning and maintenance tasks.   The SEA EV tipper truck will be powered by 100% renewable energy at the ACT Government City Services Depot.

“The ACT leads the nation when it comes to managing climate change and the environment,” said Chris Steel, Minister for Transport.

“This 12-month trial of the new electric tipper truck supports the ACT Government’s strong commitment to sustainability which includes a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its operations to zero by 2040.”

The SEA Electric EV tipper is powered by the SEA-Drive® 100-10, saves significant costs with reduced fuel and lower maintenance costs, is whisper quiet reducing noise pollution in urban streets, and helps with driver fatigue with no motor vibrations or fumes.

“It was a pleasure to be present in our Nation’s capital for the handover of this 100% electric tipper truck” said Glen Walker SEA Electric’s Regional Director, Oceania.

“This truck is ideally suited to the intended application of general cleaning and maintenance tasks. It will quietly go about its job whilst avoiding up to 30 tonnes of C02 annually that would otherwise be released by a diesel equivalent.”

“Congratulations to the ACT Government, and Canberra Isuzu for the deployment of the first of many SEA-Drive® powered electric trucks.”

The electric tipper truck is powered by the SEA-Drive® 100 power-system with a 100kWh battery capacity, which produces 108kW maximum power. More importantly for a commercial vehicle the SEA-Drive® 100 produces maximum torque of 1,000Nm, has a range of up to 275km (unladen), with onboard three-phase charger that can be charged to 80% within 5 hours.