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Extreme E’s Island X Prix in Sardinia delivered a thrilling double-header over the weekend, as ACCIONA Sainz and X44 Vida Carbon Racing showcased their prowess in a high-octane showdown. The event witnessed intense competition, with ACCIONA Sainz extending their lead in the championship standings, while X44 Vida Carbon Racing displayed their determination in the Grand Finals.

Saturday: ACCIONA Sainz Dominates with Laia Sanz and Mattias Ekström

The seventh round of the Extreme E Island X Prix kicked off with a bang on Saturday. ACCIONA Sainz, led by the formidable duo of Laia Sanz and Mattias Ekström, dominated the day’s racing action. They secured two impressive heat victories in the Qualifying stage, bolstering their lead in the championship standings to a substantial 18 points.

ABT CUPRA XE finished second, narrowly beating out Veloce Racing, who struggled with broken wipers during the race. Despite initial setbacks, Rosberg X Racing (RXR) managed to secure a crucial fourth-place finish, earning valuable championship points despite Johan Kristoffersson encountering power steering issues. Unfortunately, Lia Block and Timo Scheider of Carl Cox Motorsport experienced a disappointing Did Not Finish (DNF) after running in second place for most of the race.

Sunday: X44 Vida Carbon Racing Takes Off

Sunday’s race saw X44 Vida Carbon Racing and ACCIONA Sainz face off in an electrifying showdown. Cristina Gutiérrez and Fraser McConnell of X44 Vida Carbon Racing claimed victory, closing the gap in the championship standings.

Rosberg X Racing (RXR) came in a close second, falling just three points behind ACCIONA Sainz XE Team in the overall standings. ABT CUPRA XE secured the third step on the podium, marking a successful weekend for Klara Andersson and Sébastien Loeb.

No.99 GMC HUMMER EV Chip Ganassi Racing claimed fourth place, with RJ Anderson engaging in a thrilling battle against RXR’s Johan Kristoffersson. Unfortunately, JBXE faced a second Grand Final DNF, dashing their hopes of securing a maiden podium in Season 3 but matching their season-best fifth place.

Championship Standings

With the completion of rounds 7 and 8 of the Extreme E Island X Prix in Sardinia, ACCIONA Sainz maintains their lead in the championship standings, but the competition is heating up as the season progresses. The thrilling races and fierce competition in Sardinia have set the stage for an exciting climax to the Extreme E season. Racing fans around the world eagerly await the next event, where the battle for supremacy will continue in this groundbreaking motorsport series.

Position Team Points
1  Acciona | Sainz XE Team 139
2  Rosberg X Racing 136
3  Veloce Racing 118
4  GMC Hummer EV Chip Ganassi Racing 99
5  X44 Vida Carbon Racing 87
6  Abt Cupra XE 75
7  Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E 71
8  Neom McLaren Extreme E 45
9  JBXE 42
10  Carl Cox Motorsport 40

Extreme-E returns for the Copper X Prix in Antofagasta, Chile on December 2 and 3, 2023.

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