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Carly Car Subscription is a new and innovative mobility solution that meets the needs of fleet managers who require flexible, short to medium term access to vehicles. With Carly you can finally access a month-to-month solution with no lock-in contracts, allowing you to better manage your fleet and business needs.   

 The key benefits of using Carly Subscription are: 

  • one simple monthly subscription fee inclusive of all registration, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance costs  
  • exclusive car use 
  • no break fees  
  • no upfront deposits  
  • cancel anytime with 30 days notice, minimum 30 day term 
  • ability to switch the vehicle once per month to suit changing business needs  
  • a dedicated customer service team to handle all of your bookings and fleet needs 

 Carly aims to bridge the gap between rental and leasing by offering one of the most flexible and cost effective mobility solutions for fleet managers needing vehicles, for one month or more. Carly also provides sophisticated tracking and account management technology i to bring you a seamless fleet management experience. This includes intuitive vehicle usage that can indicate if you should upgrade or downgrade your subscription plans, and a single invoice for your subscriptions that makes complex billing one less thing to worry about.  

 A common question we are asked by fleet managers is:  

 How do we know when subscription is the best solution?  

There are actually many circumstances where subscription can work out to be the most affordable and convenient mobility solution, including  

  • requiring vehicles for temporary staff, employee secondments or staff in probation periods 
  • experiencing delays in securing new vehicles 
  • delaying purchase of used vehicles while prices are elevated 
  • not wanting to purchase vehicles outright 
  • needing a more flexible solution than a car lease 
  • experiencing fluctuating cash flow 
  • experiencing fluctuating demand for vehicles
  • requiring vehicles to urgently meet tender requirements 
  • being subject to short-term project funding requirements 

Subscription is also a great option for businesses that would benefit from switching vehicle  makes and models. For example, if a business needs a larger van to make deliveries for a particular period but would otherwise need a standard sedan, they can choose to switch to another vehicle as required. 

To learn more about Carly Subscription and how it could benefit your fleet and business, contact Richard Duncan at [email protected] or 0474 327 531.