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Five Hyundai Nexos are set to cruise Queensland roads as a part of the State Government’s fleet, making them the first hydrogen powered vehicles in the state.

As zero emission hydrogen powered vehicles, the Nexo’s bring the future of fleet and sustainability to the present.

Queensland’s commitment to sustainable vehicles is also seen through their fleet of 100 electric vehicles. Eco-mobility is at the forefront of innovation within the automotive industry, capturing what sustainability looks like in a practical sense.

According to Mick de Brenni Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and, Minister for Public Works and Procurement, acquiring these hydrogen powered vehicles is a part of a three-year trial which “aims to accelerate the uptake of hydrogen technology and support Queensland’s push to position itself as a global hydrogen superpower.”

Across the globe, systems of transport are being forced to undergo massive transformations due to the development of clean technology and strong changes in attitude towards sustainability. The competition to be a leader in eco-practices is increasing and opportunities to enact change are evolving.

“It’s sure to help inspire Queenslanders to think about how we can play a part in the evolution of clean, renewable transport,” said Mick de Brenni.

Infrastructure to introduce Hydrogen vehicles on a large scale poses a challenge as hydrogen refuelling stations are extremely uncommon, almost next to non-existent. However, as time passes and the frequency of hydrogen vehicles on the roads increases, the future will be far more practical.

As Queensland’s state government fleet management organisation, Qfleet aims to increase their 100 electric vehicle fleet to 144 by the end of 2021 while beginning the hydrogen vehicle trials, in an attempt to become one of Australia’s leading sustainable fleets.