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Transformative journeys begin with embracing opportunities and figuring out the ‘hows’ of it later. For Aleta Gunn, Fleet Coordinator for the City of Adelaide seizing this opportunity proved to be a turning point for her career in fleet management.

“…Take the opportunity. You never know where it will lead you, and you can always learn how to do it later,” Gunn reflected during the Graduation Ceremony held at the 2023 Australasian Fleet Management Conference and Exhibition at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse in Sydney.

Her own experience of enrolling in the Diploma earlier than planned due to a scholarship opportunity exemplified the power of taking risks and embarking on uncharted paths.

Gunn also pondered that despite the challenges of managing assignments, her job responsibilities, and maintaining a personal life, she found a sense of clarity and certainty within the whirlwind of activities.

“It was a feeling of being in a space and industry that actually feels like a perfect fit. In other words, doing this study made me realise what I wanted to do when I grow up,” she mused.

One of the key messages Gunn conveyed in her speech was that fleet management is not solely about cars. Her experience during the diploma program solidified her belief that fleet management is a multifaceted discipline that requires a comprehensive skill set and offers numerous opportunities for growth and impact.

Drawing from her own experiences, she urged individuals not to underestimate the time required to complete assessments and gather supporting evidence. She emphasized the importance of managing deadlines effectively to avoid overwhelming workloads.

Additionally, Gunn encouraged graduates to recognize their own worth, embrace the skills acquired or honed during the program, find moments of laughter along the way, and seize every opportunity that comes their way.

Future-Ready Leaders

The 2022 AfMA and Swinburne Diploma of Leadership and Management graduates represent a cohort of exceptional individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to personal and professional growth. Through their participation in the diploma program, they have acquired the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become transformative leaders in the fleet industry. This year’s graduates include:

  • Jessy Davis​​, Fleet Officer​, Department of Planning and Environment​​
  • Michael Pritchard​​, Fleet Coordinator​, Samaritans Foundation​​
  • Martin Beenie​​, Operations Manager​, Autorola​​
  • Malik Sufian​​, Assist Operations Manager​, Carly Car Subscription​​
  • Breehan Allen​​, Business Development Executive​, Summit Fleet Leasing & Management​​
  • Daniel Kent​​, Senior Relationship Executive​, Summit Fleet Leasing & Management​​
  • Aleta Gunn​​, Fleet Coordinator​, City of Adelaide​​
  • Alice Hutomo Wibowo​​, Relationship Manager​, Custom Fleet​​
  • Trent Murray​​, Senior Logistics Officer​, Parks Victoria​​
  • Jordan Freeman​​, Service Technician​, Vehicle Access Solutions​​
  • Simon Whitrod​​, Diesel Mechanic​, Fire Rescue Victoria​​
  • Daniel Kraft​​, Auto Electrician​, Fire Rescue Victoria​​
  • Ian Hilton​​, Mechanical Technician​, MFB​​
  • Darren Darling​​, Team Leader​, MFB​​; and
  • Harry Lollis​​, Team Leader​, MFB​​

Their dedication to continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation position them as torchbearers for the future of fleet management.

As they embark on their professional journeys, these graduates will undoubtedly shape the industry, driving positive change, and inspiring others with their exemplary leadership.

About the Diploma of Leadership and Management

The Swinburne Diploma of Leadership and Management is a prestigious program designed to equip fleet and automotive professionals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in their roles and lead effectively in an ever-evolving industries.

It highlights AfMA’s and Swinburne University’s commitment to building a stronger future for the fleet and automotive sectors.

Throughout their journey, cohort members are immersed in a comprehensive curriculum covering essential leadership principles, strategic management, decision-making, and fostering innovation. The program fosters an environment conducive to collaboration, enabling participants to learn from industry experts and their peers.

By engaging in practical assessments, case studies, and real-world simulations, the graduates gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in fleet management.

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