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Fleet incident rates are well in excess of 20%, with 94% of crashes being a direct result of driver error. Under “Duty of Care”, there is a direct role of Boards, Executives and Fleet Managers to manage employee risk, with harsh penalties for non-compliance.

As a result, any identified risks must be acted upon highlighting the need for all fleets to instigate and maintain an active risk management program in line with legislated compliance requirements. This can only be achieved via ongoing measuring, reporting and risk reduction, creating the need for accurate capturing and timely reporting via specialised systems – It’s not a “one off” exercise.

Adoption of safer vehicles alone will not reduce the impact of on-road incidents as driver behaviour and human error cannot be disregarded. Drivers’ cannot rely on improved safety features alone and allow themselves to become complacent – driver behaviour can only be improved with active, ongoing monitoring and risk management.


Driver risk reduction redefined.

Innovation Group Australia has partnered with eDriving™, a leading global provider of digital driver risk management programs, to deliver eDriving™’s award winning product Mentor across Australia and New Zealand.

Mentor™ is an award-winning driver risk reduction app, that helps at-work drivers understand their risky behaviours and ultimately make the right choices when faced with decisions behind the wheel. The driver risk management program helps Sales, Service and Delivery organisations worldwide reduce collisions, injuries, license violations, as well as Total Cost of Ownership (TC0).

There is no hardware required as Mentor is a smartphone app that uses the smartphone sensors to collect and analyse driver behaviours most predictive of risk, identifying the likelihood of a driver being involved in a crash or incident. The behaviours include Acceleration, Braking, Cornering, Speeding and Phone Distraction.

Driver on-road performance is converted into a validated individual Safe Driving Score. Personalised insights are provided to drivers after each trip, showing both positive and negative driving events, and for the driver’s review only, exactly where they occurred. Additionally, engaging, interactive micro-training modules are delivered directly to the driver in-app to help promptly remediate risky behaviours and reduce risk.

Gamification is included within Mentor via emojis and chat messaging to encourage friendly competition between managers and their Sales, Service, and Delivery teams, as well as co-workers across the organisation. This helps make safety behind the wheel part of everyday conversation and contributes to the informal creation of a crash-free culture®.

Mentor provides a management dashboard based on Safe Driving Scores only and training completions, supplying managers with a coaching support toolkit to facilitate ongoing performance evaluation and intervention with their drivers. Unique formats help facilitate for monthly, annual and post collision coaching sessions. Benchmarking is also provided depicting driver performance vs team, whole organisation and the top 10% of drivers.

Mentor is the digital driver risk management tool of choice for many of the world’s largest organisations, supporting over 1,000,000 drivers in 96 countries, and has been recognised with over 100 awards globally.

“Mentor is focused on ensuring everyone who drives for work purposes returns home safely at the end of each day”.

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Innovation Group is an authorised partner of Mentor by eDriving™.

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