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“We don’t demonise the car, we decarbonise the car”

This was the resounding message from Peter Nattrass of the City of Adelaide to delegates at Wednesday’s AfMA hosted event in Adelaide. Mr Nattrass is the team leader of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide team that looks at providing long-term solutions that move drivers away from traditional combustion engines towards more sustainable methods.

“Carbon Neutral Adelaide represents our city and our state’s shared ambition of acknowledging our state’s capabilities,” Mr Nattrass said.

“It is a sign that South Australia is a place of excellence that does what happens to make the future happen and why people should come and do business with the city and the Barossa area.”

Guests gathered at Adelaide on Wednesday for the AfMA Professional Development Forum

Adelaide had total emissions of over 951,000 tonnes in 2015. These were made up of:

  • 60% electricity and gas
  • 35% transport
  • 5% waste disposal to landfill

Nattrass highlighted the need for a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, a movement which is being spearheaded by a 2016-2021 action plan.

The plan details the City of Adelaide will become the world’s first carbon-neutral city in coming years – a city known for embracing renewable energy and clean, smart technologies. This plan would be achieved by the following key mechanisms:

5 Pathways to carbon neutrality

  1. Energy efficient built form
    Drive investment in energy efficiency of city buildings and other infrastructure, and green the streetscapes and open spaces.
  2. Zero emissions transport
    Decarbonise transport and change the way we travel to and in the city.
  3. Towards 100% renewable energy
    Continue to drive investment in large-scale renewable energy generation and storage in the state, and encourage the uptake of small-scale renewable energy supply and storage in the city.
  4. Reduce emissions from waste and water
    Build on South Australia’s leadership in resource recovery and diversion of waste from landfill.
  5. Offset carbon emissions
    Reduce emissions rapidly in every way we can, and offset the remaining emissions when appropriate timing has been confirmed with our partners.

The launch of the carbon-neutral Adelaide project in November 2016

What is the aim?

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partnerships Program aims to achieve:

  • one million square metres of city floor space committed to the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partnerships Program by 2020
  • one thousand businesses, institutions and individuals involved in the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partnerships Program by 2020
  • the community feeling well-informed and supported to reduce their own carbon emissions

From a fleet perspective, any transition towards more sustainable energy vehicle sources is a move that should be prioritised in the long term. With stronger industry take-up it is likely that other cities may follow Adelaide’s lead in installing carbon-neutral policies.

For more information on the Carbon Neutral Adelaide project, click here