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Land Rover’s Discovery Sport has now received an updated five-star safety rating from ANCAP. This is after undergoing recent safety enhancements and undergoing reassessment based on the 2022 protocols.

When the current generation Land Rover Discovery Sport was initially introduced in Australia and New Zealand in 2015, it received a five-star rating based on the test criteria at that time. However, the Discovery Sport underwent safety upgrades in 2022, prompting a new round of testing against the more rigorous criteria currently set by ANCAP. The results of this assessment reaffirmed the Discovery Sport’s continued five-star safety performance across all aspects of ANCAP’s evaluation.

The Discovery Sport’s AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) system was enhanced, leading to good performance in testing its AEB Car-to-Car functionality, including scenarios such as AEB Junction Assist and AEB Car-to-Cyclist. The vehicle achieved adequate results in tests of its AEB Car-to-Pedestrian and lane support systems.

In terms of structural protection, the Discovery Sport provided robust safeguarding for vehicle occupants in the event of a crash, with a combination of good, adequate, and marginal results. However, points were deducted due to the side chest-protecting airbag not deploying correctly in side impact situations.

“ANCAP’s assessments and vehicle safety have both come a long way since the Land Rover Discovery Sport was first assessed in 2014.”

“For the same generation model to be awarded five-stars against ANCAP’s more recent protocols is an impressive achievement.”

The revised ANCAP safety rating for the Land Rover Discovery Sport applies to petrol variants sold from April 2022 in Australia and May 2022 in New Zealand. The Discovery Sport SE P300e PHEV is unrated.

A full list of the Land Rover Discovery Sport’s safety features can be found here.

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