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ANCAP has recently awarded 5-star safety ratings to the Australian variants of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, hybrid variants of the GWM Haval Jolion, and battery electric variants of the Genesis GV70 and Genesis G80.

“With these new results, there are now over 100 battery electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen models rated by ANCAP which hold a five-star ANCAP safety rating – providing plenty of choice to consumers across a range of vehicle brands, models and price-points,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Carla Hoorweg.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

With the Mustang Mach-E now made available in Australia, ANCAP has extended the rating for the Small SUV to cover Australian and New Zealand variants, except for the GT.

The vehicle received full points for protection to the driver in side impact and oblique pole tests as well as for child occupants in the side impact and frontal offset tests.

“Examining its collision avoidance capability, it offered Good performance for its lane-keeping and autonomous emergency braking capability, however its AEB Backover and driver fatigue systems do not default ‘ON’ at the start of each journey so points were not awarded in these areas,” according to ANCAP.

Furthermore, the front structure of the Mustang Mach-E presented a relatively high risk to occupants of an oncoming vehicle resulting in a 3.45-point penalty (out of 4.00 points).

GWM Haval Jolion

Following additional destructive crash testing, the GWM Haval Jolion hybrid managed to score a five-star safety rating.

The integrity of the battery and safety of high voltage electrical systems were confirmed for the vehicle following additional frontal offset (MPDB) and oblique pole tests.

“The additional two tests undertaken on the GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid demonstrated comparable safety performance to the originally-tested petrol variants,” said ANCAP.

Genesis G80 and GV70

Additional frontal offset (MPDB) and oblique pole tests were conducted on the Genesis G80 and GV70 which helped to confirm integrity of the battery and safety of high voltage electrical systems. Results from additional testing have extended the 5-Star safety rating to the BEV variants of the Genesis G80 and GV70.

 “The post-crash assessment of the G80 Electrified however revealed that the automatic door locking function did not release following the frontal offset crash test,” said ANCAP.

The full safety reports for these vehicles can be found below:

Ford Mustang Mach-E

GWM Haval Jolion

Genesis G80

Genesis GV70

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