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ANCAP Safety has recently awarded the new Toyota C-HR with a five-star rating. The all-hybrid lineup achieved strong results in rigorous crash tests against the revised 2023-2025 criteria.

The vehicle scored maximum points for driver protection in the oblique pole and side-impact tests. However, it faced mixed outcomes in the frontal offset (MPDB) test, securing good ratings for head and upper leg protection, but only marginal for the driver’s chest.

As part of the new criteria, the Toyota C-HR was tested for its driver monitoring systems, child presence detection, and cyclist anti-dooring systems. These features all came standard in the model.

“The Toyota C-HR offers a balanced level of protection for occupants and those outside the vehicle, as well as through its active collision avoidance capability putting it squarely above the five-star threshold for all four areas of ANCAP assessment,” said Carla Hoorweg, Chief Executive Officer of ANCAP.

The vehicle also excelled in tests aimed at protecting vulnerable road users. It achieved an impressive 86 percent in the Vulnerable Road User Protection category. This score reflects the vehicle’s advanced emergency braking systems and pedestrian-friendly design, essential for preventing accidents with pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

Child safety was another area where the C-HR shone. It earned top marks for accommodating a range of child restraint systems across its rear seating.

“It is great to see the majority of models rated against our most stringent criteria yet,” says Ms. Hoorweg.

For more detailed information on the Toyota C-HR’s performance in the ANCAP safety tests, click here.

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