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The 2018 AfMA Fleet Conference and Exhibition is set to see a variety of fleet professionals and industry experts take their place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on May 17-18.

In the lead-up AfMA is profiling some of the speakers who will be sharing with us during the conference. We look forward to these new and returning speakers sharing their knowledge and insights to benefit the fleet profession as a whole.

  • Dr. Sharon Newnam, Senior Research Fellow, Monash University
  • Phil Enright, Director, PLAN B CCIS (Crisis, Continuity and Investigative Services)
  • Anthony King, Sustainable Solutions Manager, Scania Australia
  • James Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer, ANCAP Safety

Are you a returning or first-time speaker? Why have you decided to speak?

Sharon: Returning speaker.

Phil: This is the first time I have been to the conference, but I have been going to regional meetings and speaking.

Anthony: I’m a first time speaker. The aim is to show that we as Scania are prepared to face the challenges in a fast changing world that is faced with a series of complex and interrelated driving forces that are reshaping society and that will define the future of transport.

James: I am returning to the AFMA Conference in 2018. It’s important to update fleet managers on the changes to the ANCAP Safety program in 2018 so that we can continue to help them with the information they need to make purchasing decisions that will better protect employees and the community on the road.

Delegates from the 2017 Fleet Conference & Exhibition

What is the single most important message you hope to provide to delegates during your session?

S: Safety is best managed through a systems-based approach which includes a focus on drivers, supervisors, managers and beyond.

P: Human behaviour has the greatest impact on what they are trying to accomplish.

A: Scania’s aim is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment.

J:  We can’t forget that the vehicle is also a workplace.  Employees should be as safe as they can be when on the road.

Our 2017 event partners Toyota Motor Corporation Australia and Toyota Fleet Management Australia are returning as our major sponsor this year.

From your own perspective, what is the greatest issue facing fleet managers in 2018?

S: Technology alone will not fix workplace road safety. It presents a powerful tool, but fleet managers need to better understand how to effectively integrate the data from technology into safety management practices.

P: People and human behaviours.

A: To be able to adapt to the ‘disruptions’ that Transport faces in an ever-changing world.

J: There are enormous changes going on in the new vehicle marketplace with the end of local manufacturing, new brands, new models and new safety and other technologies.  Let’s make this an exciting period to look at new opportunities rather than be scared to try the unknown.

Tickets are now available for the AfMA 2018 Fleet Conference & Exhibition. For more details please click here or call the AfMA Office on 03 9866 6056