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Singapore has seen a remarkable uptick in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, with one in three cars sold now being electric, revealed Minister for Transport Chee Hong Tat. This significant milestone marks a substantial increase from 2023, when EVs comprised only 18% of total car sales.

Minister Chee attributed this surge in EV adoption to several government initiatives aimed at incentivising early adoption and bolstering infrastructure. Key measures include the Electric Vehicle Early Adoption Incentive, Enhanced Vehicular Emissions Scheme, Electric Vehicles Charging Act (EVCA), and the EV Common Charger Grant (ECCG).

“The implementation of these measures has been pivotal in encouraging more Singaporeans to choose electric vehicles,” Minister Chee remarked.

Central to Singapore’s strategy has been the expansion of EV charging infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of EVs on the road. Currently, Singapore boasts over 7,100 EV charging points, with more than a third of Housing and Development Board (HDB) carparks equipped with charging facilities. Notably, the ECCG has facilitated the installation of over 1,100 EV chargers at non-landed private residences, further enhancing accessibility for EV owners.

Minister Chee underscored the government’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions through these initiatives. “The concerted efforts in expanding our EV charging network and providing incentives are pivotal in achieving our environmental goals,” he affirmed.

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