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Hot tip! Understanding ‘Duty of Care’ is as easy as defining ‘workplace’

Define: Workplace | Understand: Duty of Care

Do you know that while driving your vehicle for business purposes, you and your employer’s OH&S responsibilities also tag along for the ride?

This is your workplace and the definition of workplace is that of a vehicle, vessel, aircraft or other mobile structure. Do your OH&S responsibilities cover all of your workplace and are your OH&S representatives aware of the what the workplace is?

‘Duty of Care’ is a concept that is considered the foundation of all modern health and safety practice, covering all parties and their responsibilities connected with the workplace.

So just remember, the definition of a workplace is as a place, regardless of whether or not in a building or structure. It’s where employees or self-employed persons work. The place includes a car, truck, ship, boat, airplane and any other vehicle.