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With 2020 in the rear-view mirror, the fleet management industry has seen a drastic period of change. In many cases, businesses have had to shift gears and goals to adjust to the new landscape. While these modifications have brought forth plenty of uncertainty, one thing has become clear: flexibility is more important than ever.

That’s why Fleet Complete’s vision is to offer solutions that go far beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, our goal is to help educate our customers and accommodate their specific needs to help them thrive through the changing environment.

With this objective in mind, offering effective customisation services – such as our ProServices solution – is essential. ProServices specialises in custom integrations for the Field Service industry, assisting with mobile workforce and resource management. It helps organisations build the specific tools they need to increase efficiency – while doing so affordably.

In addition to providing customisable solutions, we’re committed to helping fleets adjust to changes brought on by the pandemic via remote resource management. As business operations need to be more scrupulous with onsite health and safety standards, Fleet Complete has solutions to deal with these latest challenges around lone workers and faraway sites. This is highlighted by our partnership with a remote worker management solutions company, JESI.

Through our integration with JESI, the customers that have remote workers and contractors become equipped with mobile technology that provides real-time responses and rapid communication to mitigate accidents, injuries, and delays. This allows them to adapt to the changing environment quicker and significantly improve the way they monitor the safety of a workforce.

Along with our solutions, we look to further educate and offer our customers clarity by using market insights that are not readily available otherwise. Fleet Complete is planning to host a number of virtual events globally, including in Australia, to bring together key organisations in the fleet management industry. A variety of experts and panellists will provide their unique and professional perspectives on the new industry environment and how to prosper within it.

While the shifting industry certainly brings new challenges, it also provides new growth opportunities. That’s why Fleet Complete is excited to help customers adjust to the change and to provide innovative solutions that help them thrive.