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Tradiebot Industries and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) have partnered in an ambitious project that will deliver Australia the world’s first automated vehicle panel repair system.

Under the NSW-led initiative both Tradiebot and the AMGC will each provide $197,000 in co-funding for the first stage of the project, with further investments to follow as the project passes key milestones.

Tradiebot’s chief creator, Mario Dimovski said the new project would allow a transition from laboured production jobs in a more customisable and competitive manufacturing model.

“The collision repair sector is currently facing shortage of skilled workforce. By automating the panel repair process, we shorten the length of time required to train people to carry out the tasks,” Dimovski told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“This also helps to attract the young generation to the sector, as they will need to control robots rather than doing hands-on tasks.”

AMGC state director, Michael Sharpe said the project is a good example of how collaboration can help Australia advance forward.

“Tradiebot is setting an example of how we can advance Australia further – helping to upskill the next generation as well as generating jobs for today,” he said.

“Also, the fact that Tradiebot is collaborating with a global company such as PPG is instrumental in creating export opportunities. The AMGC research clearly shows that as more Australian companies look at export opportunities, it positively affects the nation.”

The project is the first collaboration between AMGC and the Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composite (AMAC) centre. Dr Jayantha Katupitiya, head of Mechatronic Engineering at the University of New South Wales, will be the leading academic working on the project.

It is hoped that a successful outcome on this project might lead to similar automated solutions in vehicle repairs such as commercial cleaning, painting and washing in the future.

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