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The Australian government, in collaboration with the National Transport Commission (NTC) and state and territory governments, has initiated a public consultation process to develop new laws aimed at ensuring the safe use of automated vehicles on public roads.

“Automated vehicle technology is advancing rapidly and has the potential to be a real game changer for road transport, by supporting safer, more efficient road travel,” says the NTC.

“However, current laws do not allow for the general use of automated vehicles – including automated cars, trucks, and buses – on our roads. We’re working on behalf of Australia’s transport ministers to make the most of this technology in a safe way,” the NTC further explains.

The proposed legislation, known as the Automated Vehicle Safety Law (AVSL), seeks to update Australia’s regulatory frameworks to accommodate the emergence of automated vehicles.

Additionally, changes to state and territory laws will be implemented to ensure the safe operation and use of automated vehicles on public roads.

This consultation provides an overview of the comprehensive regulatory framework for automated vehicles, incorporating elements that have been previously consulted by the National Transport Commission.

It also highlights specific policy areas where feedback is sought from the public before finalising the regulatory approach. Stakeholders are invited to contribute their perspectives and insights by June 11, 2024.

To participate in the consultation and have your say on the future of automated vehicle regulation in Australia, visit the National Transport Commission’s website.

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