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A recent report from the National Automotive Leasing and Salary Packaging Association (NALSPA) highlights the growing trend of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle (EV and PHEV) adoption in outer suburban areas.

Analysis of novated leases indicates that suburbs like Werribee and Tarneit in Victoria, and Kellyville, Riverstone, and Baulkham Hills in New South Wales, are among the top regions embracing these environmentally friendly options.

“The further you are from the city centre, the more reliant you are on your car. It makes sense that so many outer suburban motorists are now switching to electric – be that BEV or PHEV – they’re saving thousands on running costs by doing away with rising petrol prices, and the car price itself through the EV discount,” explains NALSPA CEO Rohan Martin.

Furthermore, NALSPA’s data reflect that this substantial surge in EV uptake came following the application of the EV fringe benefits tax (FBT) exemption from July 2022.

“Everyday working Australians are taking advantage of the significant savings discount on electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles through salary packaging,” he notes.

“Every day workers living in the suburbs are noticing more than ever before that buying an EV is not only within reach thanks to government incentives but also makes financial sense for them.”

“In June 2022, BEV and PHEV represented less than three percent of total SUV/passenger sales in Australia. By March 2024, BEV/PHEV represented more than 14 percent,” Mr. Martin says.

Martin also expresses confidence in the future growth of the EV market, particularly in the outer suburban areas and regional Australia.

“Both electric and plug-in hybrids are performing strongly in the outer suburbs, and they are also appealing to those families residing in regional Australia,” he says.

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