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That’s what planned for households and businesses right across Sydney as part of NSW Government’s comprehensive NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy launched last month.

The announcement included building a world-class electric vehicle charging network by investing $171 million over the next four years to ensure widespread, world-class EV charging coverage so current and future EV drivers can be confident they can drive their vehicles whenever and wherever they need to.

So what will $171 million deliver for NSW?

This investment includes co-funding for ultra-fast charging infrastructure, commuter EV charging and tourist EV charging routes.

Ultra-fast Charging Infrastructure

EV Super-Highways providing ultra-fast chargers at minimum 100km intervals across all major NSW highways – creating ‘EV Super-Highways’ across the State. This will support regional residents and businesses to share the benefits of EVs by improving their access to charging infrastructure and encouraging more city-based EV drivers to travel to regional areas, boosting local tourism.

EV Commuter Corridors will ensure that drivers right across Sydney have no more than 5km to drive to the next ultra-fast EV charger, creating ‘EV Commuter Corridors’ right across the city.

EV off-street parking chargers will support private industry to build new ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure in areas where drivers are not able to access private off-street parking (about 30% of drivers). This means households with limited off-street parking will live no more than 5km from a fast or ultra-fast charger under the Strategy.

Commuter EV Charging

Will help develop destination charging infrastructure in or near commuter carparks and other popular Transport for NSW sites. The location of the chargers will encourage drivers to use public transport and other modes of transport as part of their commute. This will take more vehicles off congested roads, ensure a more seamless connection between different journey modes and tackle the first mile/last mile challenge many countries face.

Tourist EV Charging Routes

Will help develop destination charging infrastructure at regional tourist locations, such as motels, restaurants, wineries and other points of interest.

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