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BMW has introduced a new subscription-based offer for their vehicles, now UK customers can use an online subscription to turn on the heated front seats.

While subscriptions have been available for features on BMW cars for some time now, the heat seat offer has just recently been introduced.

The features are available via BMW’s ConnectedDrive online store and are activated remotely in vehicles already fitted with the needed hardware.

BMW’s UK-based ConnectedDrive Store includes:

  • heated front seats for £15 per month ($26 per month)
  • heated steering wheel for £10 per month ($17.50 per month)
  • automatic high beams for £10 per month ($17.50 per month)
  • the ‘Driving Assistant Plus’ active cruise control for £35 per month ($60 per month)

However, customers are able to enable all hardware features with a one-time payment if they would prefer, instead of paying the monthly subscription fee.

Using subscriptions enables drivers to be able to experiment with a feature without committing to purchase permanently.

The heated seats and steering wheel subscriptions through BMW’s ConnectedDrive store are not currently available in Australia and has it not been confirmed when/if Australian consumers will have access to this service.

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