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The Australian Labor Party is set to drop their contentious policy on fuel standards as they prepare for a “bigger fight on climate change” in the coming election campaign.

The emission plan will be formally dropped as soon as Labor leader Anthony Albanese signs off on the party’s climate policy with shadow ministers.

A new climate policy, including Labor’s target to reduce greenhouse emissions by 2030 is expected to be a part of their campaign package in the coming elections. Details, however, are currently restricted to a small group of shadow cabinet members before climate spokesman Chris Bowen speaks at the National Press Club on Monday.

Back in 2019, the ALP proposed a climate policy which has triggered a word war with Prime Minister Scott Morrison that includes:

  • Reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent on 2005 levels by 2030
  • Capping the industries that emit the most greenhouse gases
  • Boosting the adoption of electric vehicles; and
  • Rebuilding the Climate Change Authority

Currently, the Morrison government is pushing for a “technology-led approach to emissions reduction” which includes:

  • Investing in new technologies that will lower emissions
  • developing and coordinating low emissions technology policies and regulations
  • supporting businesses and industries to innovate and adopt smarter practices and technologies
  • encouraging businesses and consumers to reduce emissions; and
  • regulating and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions