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In a significant stride toward continued excellence, AfMA’s Western Australia Chapter proudly welcomes David Robinson as its new Chairman. With a remarkable career spanning over four decades, David brings a wealth of experience and a legacy of excellence in fleet management.

David’s journey commenced in 1982 as an apprentice, a formative period that laid the foundation for his profound expertise in fleet management and transportation operations. From the early days, he delved into the intricacies of maintenance engineering and regulatory compliance, cultivating a steadfast commitment to safety and operational efficiency.

Throughout his illustrious career, David demonstrated an unwavering dedication to optimising fleet performance, reducing costs, and ensuring the seamless movement of assets. His strategic prowess has been a driving force behind comprehensive strategies that elevate fleet operations to new heights. Currently, he is the fleet manager for Western Power.

Beyond his individual accomplishments, David’s leadership extends to mentoring the next generation of fleet professionals. His commitment to sharing insights gained from hands-on experience reflects a desire to foster growth and innovation within the industry. David understands the evolving landscape of fleet management and embraces the responsibility of guiding others toward success.

As David takes the helm as Chairman of AfMA’s Western Australia Chapter, his legacy of excellence and lasting impact on the field of fleet management precedes him. His appointment marks a new chapter for the chapter, one that promises innovation, collaboration, and continued growth.

In the ever-evolving world of fleet management, David Robinson’s leadership is a beacon, guiding the chapter toward new horizons. The AfMA community looks forward to the positive influence and strategic direction that David will bring to this important role. Here’s to charting a new course under the guidance of Chairman David Robinson—a seasoned professional with a passion for excellence and a vision for the future of fleet management.

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