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The Australasian Fleet Management Association is delighted to officially launch its Whole Cost of Life Calculator as another benefit for our members.

Determining whole of life costs is one of the most important steps of the vehicle selection process, regardless of how an organisation chooses to obtain its vehicles. In the decision making process careful consideration is needed to ensure your analysis will encourage the best purchasing decision.

The loss from a poor buying decision will be multiplied by the number of vehicles you have in your fleet. So it pays to do your homework before making these vital decisions and AfMA’s Whole Of Life Cost calculator will certainly help you with that.

Key Benefits:

  • Compare up to 4 different vehicles or same vehicle with 4 scenario’s side by side
  • Include the use of Redbook’s Future Price Ahead to assist with residual setting
  • Calculate your FBT obligations based on the statutory method and ability to include driver contributions
  • See ANCAP and Green Vehicle Guide ratings within your results
  • Consider the differences between leasing vs an outright purchase
  • Plan your future fleet purchases more efficiently and effectively
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